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Purchasing Information

Books may be purchased directly from Emily-Jane Hills Orford by email and telephone 613-489-1768.

Books may also be found at the local public library. If the library does not have a copy, the library may order directly from the author by email

All prices are in Canadian dollars, taxes included. Shipping is $10 per book if sent to a Canadian address, $15 per book if sent to a US address and $25 per book if sent elsewhere.

Prices available from the author:

Historical Fiction/Fantasy

Queen Mary's Daughter Print and Kindle Amazon.com

Young Adult - Coming of Age

Mrs. Murray Ghost: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 1 Print and Kindle Amazon.com
Mrs. Murray Hidden Treasure: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 2 Print and Kindle Amazon.ca
Gerlinda Out of print

It Happened in Canada Series

It Happened in Canada Book 1 $17.00 CDN
It Happened in Canada Book 2 $17.00 CDN
It Happened in Canada Book 3 $17.00 CDN

Creative Nonfiction Series

Personal Notes Currently Out of Print
The Whistling Bishop $18.00 CDN
F-Stop: A Life in Pictures $30.00 CDN
Ukulele Yukon $13.00 CDN
Amazingly Extra-Ordinary Women $18.00 CDN
To Be a Duke Out of print

The Four Seasons Series

Spring $25.00 CDN
Summer $23.00 CDN
Autumn $26.00 CDN
Winter $23.00 CDN

Music and the Arts Series

Songs of the Voyageur $10.00 CDN
The Creative Spirit $17.00 CDN

Edited Anthologies

Letters From Inside $17.00 CDN
Beyond the Ordinary $10.00 CDN
Beyond the Ordinary and More $10.00 CDN

Recipe Collections

Still Delicious $18.00 CDN
Recipes Only Cookbook
(out-of-print, used copies available)
$20.00 CDN