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2019 - Queen Mary's Daughter - Winner of the N.N. Light Book Awards

2019 - Mrs. Murray's Ghost - Finalist in the N.N. Light Book Awards

2016 - Gerlinda - Honorable Mention in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards

2015 - To Be a Duke - Finalist and Silver Medalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2015 - To Be a Duke - Honorable Mention in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards

2012 - F-Stop: A Life in Pictures - Finalist and Silver Medalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

2010 - F-Stop: A Life in Pictures - Finalist in the 2010 John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award

2009 - The Whistling Bishop - Finalist and Silver Medalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Other awards: Canadian Stories Magazine annual literary award, Canadian Music Educators Essay Award


Reviews of Beauty in the Beast

quoteBeauty in the Beast is a wondrous twist on a classic fairy tale. Emily-Jane Hills Orford is a masterful writer, especially in the fantasy genre, and in Beauty in the Beast, she writes an absorbing fairy tale. The writing captured me with intricate world-building, descriptive narration, and a full cast of characters to interact with. The world-building is exceptional….

...N.N. Light

quoteThe triumph for me personally was in the depth of character development and emotional exploration that this novel has, especially in its central pairing. I felt like I understood much more about Priya and Amell than I was expecting to, and Priya was a powerful headstrong protagonist who was active and instrumental in the story. Overall, Beauty in the Beast is sure to captivate readers who enjoy a character-driven tale.

...K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

Reviews of Mr. Murray's Gun: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 4

quoteDon’t be fooled by the title because this book is so much more than a gun-toting ghost story. Mr. Murray’s Gun is about family, friendships, and fitting in at school. This is also about dealing with school bullies and being strong.

...N.N. Light

Reviews of Mrs. Murray's Home: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 3

quoteAuthor Emily-Jane Hills Orford knows how to craft an atmosphere, and this highly engaging read is chock-full of it from start to finish.

... K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

quoteAnother great adventure awaits Mary, her favorite ghost Mrs. Murray and her Brownie friends when they head back ‘home’ to Scotland. If you enjoyed the first two parts of this book series, you will simply love this book!

... N.N. Light

quoteThis is a fun imaginative story that blends folklore, magic, and ghosts.

... The Reading Addict

quoteThis book took me on a roaring magical and mystifying adventure!! … There were many LOL moments in this book that I truly enjoyed!! I also loved the author’s writing style as she was superior on detail and the way she immerses you into her storytelling. Her writing draws you in and keeps you fully engaged as the imagination buildings up and the story unfolds!!

... Ally Swanson, Fabulous and Brunette

Reviews of King Henry's Choice

quoteAn interesting mix of historical and science fiction. Time travel and alternative history combine to make an entertaining read. With the theme of how our choices impact the future, I think Emily-Jane Hills Orford has written a unique novel./em>

... Jessica Belmont

quoteThis book is an interesting, intriguing, and thought-provoking read!/em>

... Ally Swanson, Fabulous and Brunette

quoteWhat I loved most about King Henry’s Choice was the inner conflict Henry faced. His choices are revealing more enemies than he knows what to do with and his guilt over it is heart wrenching. His relationship with his son is touching. It brought up so many what if questions and added to the aha moment at the ending./em>

... N.N. Light

Reviews of Mrs. Murray's Hidden Treasure: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 2

quoteOrford’s characters are finely honed and fun to watch as brownies, humans, and a ghost interact and form a large and supportive family. Mrs. Murray’s Hidden Treasure is well written and a hoot of a mystery story that will appeal to anyone who’s ever wondered about hidden treasure in spooky old Victorian houses. Mrs. Murray's Hidden Treasure: The Piccadilly Street Series, Book 2 is most highly recommended.

... Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

quoteWritten in a way to instill faith in young readers, this book illustrates clearly that no matter how bad off the situation, if you keep battling, you can overcome. Mary is knocked down but never out.

... N.N. Light

quoteCome join Mary and her friends on their treasure hunting escapade. Mary and her friends will take you on a wonderful adventure throughout the story with lots of action and twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. Mrs. Murray’s Hidden Treasure is a book for all ages to enjoy.

... Nancy Allen, the Avid Reader

Reviews of Mrs. Murray's Ghost: A Piccadilly Street Story Book 1

quoteTold with delicious and friendly narration, this quick read will entice readers of all ages with a story of tenacity, courage and community.

... Kadee Carder, author

quoteA delightful fantasy sci-fi novel designed for young readers… this is a story of good and bad witches, a friendly ghost, and supernatural beings called the Brownies, and this is just the start of Mary’s exciting adventures into a fascinating and scary world many of us have no idea exists.

... Maria Beltran, Readers’ Favorite

quote...will delight anyone who’s ever wondered how cool it would be to have a ghost in their house or wished there were secret passageways to discover behind the library wall.

... Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

quoteA fantastic little adventure and I loved the family's approach to accepting a ghost in the house, it was unique and amusing.

... Lovingthebook

quoteThis story is very engaging. It’s a fresh flavor to read.

... Madhuri Palaji

quoteA very fun book with adventure and learning. As you watch a friendship form between a girl, the ghost Mrs. Murray, and brownies. I think it is a very good story with a few exciting twists and turns.

... reds-reads.blogspot.com

Reviews of Queen Mary's Daughter

quoteWhat a story! I absolutely loved it from start to finish. For fans of historical novels, historical romances, modern romances, time travel, alternative history, and a bit of mystery thrown in, the book has a lot to offer a variety of readers.

... Fiona Ingram, author

quoteQueen Mary's Daughter features powerful themes, including love and family, inheritance, and the dignity of human work. Readers immediately take a liking to Mary Elizabeth from the very first page and her work in the publishing industry is described with much realism, and this realism permeates every scene in Orford's narrative. I enjoyed the way the conflict builds up and how the author weaves thought-provoking questions into the narrative. This novel is a masterpiece, written by a great storyteller, one who leads readers into the workings of the hearts of her characters and allows them to explore the conflicts inherent to human nature.

... Romuald Dzemo, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteEmily Jane Hills Orford's new novel, Queen Mary's Daughter, is a highly original, fast-paced, skillfully written alternate history set in the sixteenth, seventeenth and twenty-first centuries. A page-turner with a satisfying ending, Queen Mary's Daughter will appeal to aficionados of Scottish history, alternate history and time travel, as well as to readers new to these genres.

... Ruth Latta, award-winning author of Grace in Love

quoteScotland and its history is obviously a passion of Orford's and it shows from the rich details of the setting to the historical facts peppered throughout. On its own, Queen Mary's Daughter would make for the perfect historical fiction read, but with the time travel element things are given a new twist and it's interesting to see how Orford manages to incorporate that knowledge into this alternate timeline.

... Kayti Nika Raet, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

Reviews of Gerlinda

quoteWith Gerlinda, the author has tried to voice the silent cries of kids affected by all such issues that have a devastating effect on their lives. Truly an inspiring read that will leave the readers in tears and feel sorry for Gerlinda and all the other kids who are going through this.

... seriousreading.com/book-reviews/literature-fiction/7037-gerlinda-book-review.html

quoteGerlinda is a beautifully written look at the not-so-distant past, and one can't help but notice the changes that have taken place in dealing with cases of domestic abuse and neglect.

... Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteA very inspiring read that sent a strong message to all kids living in the same situation to never let their circumstances stop them from dreaming or allow anyone to prevent them from going after their dreams.

... Faridah Nassozi, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteI commend the author for writing a book so rich in the truth.

... Donna Wolf, compassionate bibliophile

quote…the author presents the themes of child abuse, bullying, and prejudice with shocking vividness.

... Gary Miller, award-winning author of Miller's Tales.

Reviews of To Be a Duke

quoteWritten in a very conversational prose, the simplicity of the story is what makes it a truly delightful read. You may think this is not your cup of tea, but believe us, once you get stated, it will be hard to put down. An inspirational work of fiction that deserves all the praise in the world, To Be a Duke is a heartwarming treat of congenial literature.

... seriousreading.com/book-reviews/classics/7035-to-be-a-duke-book-review.html

quoteIt is a really emotional narration that will make you think twice about your actions towards dogs, and all animals in general.

... Faridah Nassozi, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteIt is a story with a message that tells us how love can bring out the best in not only humans but also animals.

... Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteI hope that this book will serve as an inspiration to other people and motivate them to help dogs and animals in general. A must-read for everyone!

... Gisela Dixon, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

quoteThe author has an amazing gift for being able to portray life from the dog's perspective and it certainly showed me how my two (much pampered) little pooches could misinterpret my moods and action....This is a delightful book for animal lovers, animal owners, and youngsters to enjoy. A heart warming, five-star story for the whole family!

... Fiona Ingram, author, fionaingramauthor.blogspot.ca

Reviews of Amazingly Extra-Ordinary Women

quoteIt surprisingly offers a wealth of information about extra-ordinary women in history and it is one that we are not likely to forget. The author presents her subjects in such a way that we get to know these amazingly extra-ordinary women as real people and not just as footnotes in history.

... Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite, readersfavorite.com

Review of F-Stop: A Life in Pictures

quoteF-Stop: A Life in Pictures is a very personal and intimate look into Jean Downer Hills', the author's mother's, life. The stories deal with love, life, and loss from young and old perspectives, through pictures and words. The family pictures included with the stories pull the reader in closer, so that by the last page, the reader feels part of the family, too.

... Lisa Haselton

Reviews of Autumn

quoteAutumn is the inspiration for the title of this fascinating account of the people of Iqaluit, Nunavut. The vivid descriptions of the landscape bring the cold north to life. Romance, mystery, history and culture all contribute to this excellent tale.

... Shirley Roe, author

quoteThere is no doubt that author, Emily-Jane Hills Orford enjoys telling a good story, whether about ordinary, or extra0-ordinary people. Love for music and for the richness of Canadian cultures and landscapes has led her to create a series of novels of which Autumn is the third volume. The author's talent and enthusiasm for her subject matter is evident throughout. She has presented us with a rich and moving reading experience whether we are younger or older.

... Friederike Knabe The Oscar. Feb. 2010

Reviews of Spring

quoteWe can take pride in Emily-Jane, as she takes pride in her country and, as you soon realize, in her Anglican Church.

... Tony Cosier, poet

quoteEmily-Jane Hills Orford has created a very sweet story in Spring, with an endearing heroine and an interesting cast of characters surrounding her. The author's love of classical music comes through clearly, and her knowledge of the many years of hard work is a testament to her obvious familiarity with the subject.

... Nancy Morris

Review of Ukulele Yukon

quoteI was pleased to see that once again you have managed to combine your literary enthusiasm with your passion for music... Wonderful stuff!

... Tony Cosier, poet